The visions in your head are the future.

Welcome to!

I am thrilled to finally have a fully functional website up and running.  This new format will allow you access to more information than ever before.  I'd like to now take a minute to tell you what you can expect from each section of the new site.

First, I'll explain the purpose of this page:  THE SIGIL.  At the very least, The Sigil will act as my personal blog or journal.  I'm a huge believer in visualization, so this is an outlet for me to release ideas, goals, thoughts or desires into the world.  It's connected to my Tumblr account, so if you tumble, follow me!  At best, The Sigil will be an online photojournalism magazine focusing on fresh and modern ideas in the Chicago area.  Any subject is fair game, so prepare for a wide array of content.  This is an exercise in exploration.

The MUSIC page is pretty straightforward.  The online player lets you easily stream embedded files of my record "Launch Sequence" directly on the site.  There are also external links in case you'd rather stream from Spotify or (thank you in advance!) purchase my record from iTunes.  Whichever method you choose is awesome.  Thank you for listening.

I'm currently performing in the Chicago cast of the hit musical "Million Dollar Quartet."  My role in the show is the Elvis Presley/Carl Perkins understudy, which means I don't perform every night.  As a result, I'm frequently asked when I'm going on next, and I'm happy to say that all the information regarding my future performances will be catalogued on the SHOWS page, as well as the "Tour Dates" tab of my SKYWAY SPIRIT Facebook page.  Any dates listed at The Apollo Theatre are "Million Dollar Quartet" performances.  Keep a lookout for SKYWAY SPIRIT shows as well!

The KURT JENKINS page provides my headshot, resume and brief mission statement.

Realistically, there's only so much time you're going to spend on my website, so I might as well provide you with some links to visit when you leave  That is why I made the ACTION page.  It's a short list of organizations that are worth checking out.  Why not, right?

This is only the beginning.  The next few months are going to be an information overload, so be prepared for lots of content.