I can’t understand why people are afraid of new ideas. I’m afraid of the old ones.
— John Cage

After almost turning my back on the arts in 2012, I decided to reject the comfort of my "backup plan" and simply pursue what made me happy.

What makes me happy is storytelling.  Storytelling through performance inspires a unique sense of thrill that I haven't found anywhere else, and it's always my intention to transfer that to the audience.  I am constantly chasing that new flash of instinct with the goal of creating something fresh, and this has resulted in me studying a variety of mediums: theatre, film production, music, graphic design.  This is an eclectic, some might say scattered, list of disciplines, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.  The more I learn about how different art forms are made, the more tools I have to create exactly what I want.

My formative years allowed me to be a dreamer, but my adult years have shown me the benefits of being a producer.  Life without action will never survive.  I learned that the hard way, but the lesson was worth it.  I'm more focused than ever on being the best that I can be, because I know my best is possible.

My only goal is transferring visions into reality.